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we specialise in efficient homes

We are a full service design and build company who can lead you through the complex processes involved in completing your dream build.

David is the owner of Ecobuild Construction. A licensed building practitioner with 30+ years’ experience in construction, David is passionate about building and renovating healthy, efficient and sustainable homes.

David believes in quality building work that will last. “When giving customer’s choice in the products they will use we will always give a gentle nudge towards durability, energy efficiency and health”.

“We take a holistic approach where we think about future generations in the work we are doing,” he says.

“We prefer to think of building not as a development but a legacy.”

His wide research on sustainable products means Ecobuild Construction offers a range of “green” and energy efficient products for customers to consider for use in their project.

Examples are – site choice, insulation, heating, ventilation, water conservation, carpet and paints, and he says healthy products are becoming more competitively priced.


A healthy home is a happy home!

Healthy homes are also dear to David because he’s seen so many homes that aren’t. “If we can do one thing to make a warmer, drier well ventilated and healthier home, that is going to help. I am doing as much as I can in my trade.”

David manages a project from concept to completion supported by his team, and enjoys involving customers and mutually sharing innovative ideas throughout the process.

During the build the Ecobuild Construction team share regular updates and photos with customers in their own personal online portal for the build. The smart technology also allows real-time communication from the site to keep clients informed.

David says attention to detail is important to the Ecobuild Construction team, as it ultimately contributes to the efficiency and ecology of the project. “We go beyond the minimum building codes and we do it once and we do it right.”

Ecobuild Construction works with other trades who follow the same philosophy to build healthy, green and long lasting homes.

When David is not managing the next build he spends time with his young daughter. A former bass musician on the festival circuit, he jokes that these days he’s often listening to “Frozen” music with his daughter rather than hearing the soul, reggae, hip hop or rock of his band days.

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